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The product development process, as it exists today, is all about the design.

Unfortunately, design is not a linear process. The challenge is to go from start to finish as efficiently as possible with a sequence of decisions and adjustments along the way. What if decisions are made without knowing if they are right? Is there a way to get a periodic affirmation so that the risk is minimized? Is the line between success and failure a measure of how fast one can catch their mistakes?

A tool like SolidWorks© Simulation can go a long way in helping engineers and designers make course corrections throughout the design phase.

The 3DVision Technologies team specializes in three main fields of Simulation – Finite Element Analysis (FEA), Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and Kinematics and Dynamics (Motion). Outlined below is a classification of the types of problems that can be solved in these fields.

Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

  • Static tests (stress, deflections, strains, factor of safety) on parts and assemblies
  • Thermal tests (for temperature profile and stresses/deflection based on temperature)
  • Frequency analysis(determination of natural frequencies, forced vibration, time history analysis, harmonics, random vibration with PSD curves)
  • Buckling(determination of critical buckling load)
  • Fatigue(cyclic and non-cyclic fatigue load simulation, life and damage estimation)
  • Non-linear simulations(large deformation problems, working with complicated materials such as plastics, rubber, viscoelastics, shape memory alloys etc., determination of post-yield behavior of structures)
  • Optimization(parametric optimization of geometry for best design scenarios)
  • Drop testing, impact analysis, etc

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

  • Determination of fluid parameters such as pressure, density, velocity, forces, vortex locations, temperature distributions etc.
  • Fully coupled thermal analysis (conduction, convection and radiation) from/to the fluid
  • Parametric optimization of geometry based on results/desired objectives
  • Rotating bodies, fans
  • Internal or external fluid flows
  • Non-Newtonian fluids (high viscosity fluids)
  • Applications in a wide variety of industries:

Electronics cooling HVAC

Rigid Body Kinematics and Dynamics (Motion)

  • Simulate moving mechanisms
  • Determine motor and actuator sizes
  • Determine power consumption, forces, velocities, acceleration of components
  • Understand gear drives
  • Determine how contact parts react
  • Numerical and graphical outputs of engineering data
  • Automatic load transfer for simultaneous FEA during range of motion
  • Event based motion
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