Simulation - A Roadmap For Product Decisions

When pondering over what decision to make during the product development process, engineers are often limited in their creativity by the few choices they have seen in the past, or what is feasible within time constraints.

What engineers will really benefit from is a tool that can provide immediate feedback on a design decision – a GPS for product development.

Consider a cross country trip across the United States with no atlas, map or GPS. You will most definitely find yourself making lots of decisions without validation, and having to make huge course corrections.

A GPS avoids that problem, and suggests small corrections as you drive to straighten out the path.

Take a look at the video shown here on making a design decision. The muffler design is to be modified for a close-to-laminar flow, reduction in swirl at low pressure locations, maintaining high velocity streams, and higher HP production.

Using a tool like Simulation, where one can examine virtual alternatives rather than cut metal will prove to be a huge time-saver, and boosts confidence in the design change decision that is being implemented.

Simulation Design Decisions

Simulation also allows the user to explore new alternatives such as new material choices, adding additional strength at failure locations, and even optimizing the design with DOE (Design of Experiments) as the product is being developed.

The final designed product is not only optimized, but can also be established for sustainability, endurance and performance.

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SolidWorks Simulation video

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