Customer Testimonials

Stratasys 3D Printer Repair the Best!

"After our (Stratasys 3D Printer) repair by Tony Cacciolfi, our printer is working excellent and seems to be printing better than before. Tony did an excellent job and was a great help!"

Collin Boring, ECS Tuning

SolidWorks Composer Creates Marketable Videos

"The final animation was put together in less than 12 hours, and we’ve yet to have the opportunity to attend a training course! Within a week, we had customers calling and looking for our curbless shower system that is highlighted in the video. We’ve produced animations for customers in less than 20 minutes. All-in-all, we’re excited to apply Composer into more and more aspects of what we do here at Fin Pan, Inc."
Ryan Schaffer, Engineer, Fin Pan, Inc./ T. Clear Corp.

Excellence in Customer Service

"3DVision Technologies excellence in customer service within the SolidWorks Community is in good hands with your team of experts. Once again, thanks for your rapid thoughtful response, and continued attention to detail."
Michael W. Harrison, Engineer/Analyst, Indyne Inc.

Overwhelmingly pleased with 3DVision

"There is nothing I can offer in-so-far as suggestions toward improving your support team. All the employees I have dealt with are the peak of courtesy, helpfulness, and knowledge, and I am overwhelmingly pleased with 3DVision as a whole. We are delighted to have chosen your team to work with, and highly recommend 3DVision to all who are interested in SolidWorks!"
Anthony Bear, Cleveland Tank and Supply

Top Notch Organization

“Your organization has always been top notch in my book.”
Don Radford, Sr. Mech. Design, Procter and Gamble Co.

Provides Easier Transition

“The transition to start using solid modeling software was much easier than I could have imagined with all the help and solutions 3DVision Technologies has to offer.”
Kyle Rosendale, Control Design Solutions Ltd.

Seven Years of Trust

“Over the past seven years, the owner of 3DVision Technologies (Todd Majeski) and his staff have done nothing but reinforce the fact that we made the correct decision.”
Glenn H. Franck, Technical Systems Analyst, Kodak Versamark Inc.

Service Does Not Stop

“With 3DVision, the service does not stop after the sale is completed.“
Dan Prenger, Lead Design Engineer, SAEC/Kinetic Vision

Great Tech Support

“Thank you for providing such great tech support and service.”
Beth Galang, Senior Designer, SelectTech GeoSpatial

SolidWorks Helps Professors

“We were looking for a company that would work with us when we wanted to do something unusual with the software."
Gary Kinzel, Mechanical Engineering Professor, The Ohio State University

Solidworks, The Best Engineering Software

“Solidworks, the best Engineering software I have ever used.”
Josh Andrews, Engineer, Lacal Equipment, Inc.

3DVision Technologies Works with Customers

"I don't know how I can repay you for all the grief I have put you through on working with me to get the SolidWorks licenses changed to your office etc.
I know that it's a pain to have someone call or email you daily to find out where we stand. I know this first hand because I am getting two to three calls or emails a day asking me where it stands.
I do apologize for the constant nagging emails and phone calls.
Thanks for being patient with me. 3DVision is very lucky to have someone like you on their staff. Your professionalism and pleasant voice, no matter what is on the other end of the phone, will surely keep customers coming to 3DVision!!!!"
Pat Migliaccio, Erie Plastics, 844 Route 6, Corry, PA 16407-9099

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3DVision Technologies Provides Assistance

"My Solidworks training from 3DVision Technologies coupled with over 2 years of design experience helped me attract multiple job opportunities."
Dana Cornelisen, Product Engineering

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Great Assist by 3DVision Technologies Corp.

Just a short note to thank you (and Todd Majeski) for recommending the DELL M70.  It's everything you each said it would be.  I also want you and SolidWorks to know that Todd and his people were terrific about keeping me in business last weekend, after my MaxVision computer had failed, been completely rebuilt, then failed again.  3DVision's effort went well beyond what I assume would normally be expected of a reseller.

When I learned last Friday that DELL had built my M70 that day (way ahead of the projected schedule), I tried desperately to change the shipping instructions to get it to Cincinnati on Saturday, but no avail.  It arrived early this week and I have been installing/tuning programs and consolidating data from two gimpy old computers and the MaxVision HD ever since.  I may even get to do some design work soon."
Dan Olive, President, Component Sales Associates, Inc.

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Big Ass Fans Implements SolidWorks

Circulating high volumes of air—whether it’s in an industrial plant, a commercial place of business, or your home’s foyer—requires a “big ass fan.” That’s why the company once known as the HVLS Fan Company changed its name to Big Ass Fans—it designs and manufactures among the largest high-volume, low-speed ceiling and vertical fans on the planet.

When the Kentucky-based manufacturer began operations in 1999, it primarily made fans for industrial applications, such as factories and dairy barns, using AutoCAD® software and 2D design techniques. Management soon set its sights on the larger commercial and residential markets, where the company’s fans could improve the circulation of cooled air during the summer and heated air in the winter, generating significant energy savings. However, expanding and modifying its product line to meet applications as diverse as schools, auditoriums, sports arenas, churches, health clubs, and homes required a more efficient and reliable development approach, according to Product Designer Jason Williams.

“To move into the commercial and residential markets, we needed to shorten development cycles and increase throughput while controlling costs,” Williams explains. “We needed to take the company to a whole new level and decided to implement 3D design tools to support our growth cost-effectively.”

After evaluating available 3D design packages, Big Ass Fans chose SolidWorks® design and SolidWorks Simulation analysis software for product development. The company selected SolidWorks because it is easy to use and lets Big Ass Fans take advantage of automated design configurations, virtual prototyping techniques, and 3D visualization tools. “SolidWorks was simply the most natural progression for us,” Williams recalls. “We do everything from fabrication to aluminum castings to plastic injection-molded parts. For us, SolidWorks was the obvious solution for designing, imulating, and manufacturing our expanded product line.”
Big Ass Fans


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SolidWorks Helps Ohio State Students

“They’re [students] able to focus more on design and creativity and less on learning the software. With SolidWorks, it’s not as much about learning the software as about learning modeling, which is the real objective.”

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3DVision Technologies Exceeds Expectations

“You have exceeded our high expectations."
Tyson Smith, Engineering Manager, Northern Manufacturing Co.

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