Save Time. Save Money. Increase Productivity.

Learn about the latest, most advanced technology-based solutions to make the design engineering process faster and more efficient, with better communications and a higher level of productivity. With SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD products and industry-leading software, Stratasys and MakerBot 3D Printers and so much more, we have the innovative solutions your product design team needs. Increase your output, accuracy, collaboration and ideation. Put technology innovation to work in your design team.


3D CAD Design

Boost Creativity. Accelerate Design. Increase Productivity.

From conceptual design to mechanical design, collaboration to automation, our CAD software solutions feature powerful design functionality to speed your design process and make you more productive.


Evaluate Performance. Improve Quality. Boost Product Innovation.

Fully analyze and test your designs early and often to improve quality and reduce physical prototypes. SOLIDWORKS Simulation tools provide the ideal virtual testing environment. Saving time and money.

Electrical Design

Synchronized Data. Collaborative Environment.

Quickly and easily embed electrical systems into products and equipment, automate tedious design tasks and reduce costs by accurately determining optimal lengths for wires, cables and harnesses.

Product Data Management

Secure Data. Fast Retrieval. Share and Collaborate.

Organize your design data and improve the way your teams manage and collaborate on product development with top of the line Product Data Management tools.

Technical Communication

Streamline Inspection. Simplify the Complex.

Make high quality graphics and detailed illustrations to fully interactive 3D designs, improve your technical commination with automated 3D product manufacturing information.

3D Printing

Test. Revise. Perfect.

It’s all possible with 3D printing. From concept models to functional prototypes to direct digital manufacturing, 3D printing can accelerate innovation and make you more competitive.



Speed Design. Reduce Costs.

Expand your 3D design capabilities and stand out from the competition. Improve collaboration and get to market faster with its intuitive interface, robust modeling tools and user community. It's all possible with SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD.

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SOLIDWORKS Conceptual Designer Menu

SOLIDWORKS Conceptual Designer

Sketch. Test. Collaborate. Validate.

From robust concepts to Cloud-based social collaboration, quickly and easily review concepts before committing to detailed design and manufacturing. SOLIDWORKS Conceptual Designer accelerates innovation and speed time-to-market.

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Draftsight Menu


View. Edit. Share. Repeat.

Create new professional-grade 2D drawings and view, edit or share existing DWG files. Enjoy an online library full of training and resources. Do it all for a fraction of the normal cost with DraftSight.

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DriveWorks Menu


Save Time. Minimize Repetitive Tasks.

Automate everyday repetitive design tasks and configuring products that can be defined by a set of rules. Create “same but different” products with ease. It’s all possible with DriveWorks design automation software.

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SOLIDWORKS Simulation Menu


Better Quality. Less Time. Lower Cost.

Lower cost and minimize scrap in this virtual testing environment. Reduce the number of physical prototypes needed and optimize design innovation. Use SOLIDWORS Simulation to improve the quality of your designs.

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SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation Menu

SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation

Real World Conditions. Superior Performance.

Stay on top of critical fluid flow parameters; pressure, velocity, heat transfer and others that impact your fluid flow project.  SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation is a Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis that gives you the tools to ensure product performance.

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SOLIDWORKS Plastics Menu


Decrease Cost. Prevent Defects.

Reduce molded part warp, optimize sprues, runners and gates, and decrease overall injection molding costs. Prevent manufacturing related defects and accelerate time-to-market with SOLIDWORKS Plastics.

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SOLIDWORKS Electrical Menu


Rapid Design Process. Reduce Costs.

Integrate electrical single-line and multi-line schematic design data with SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD models using bi-directional, real time collaboration to minimize design time. Speed the design process with SOLIDWORKS Electrical.

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PCBWorks Menu


Powerful Tools. Efficient Process.

Create innovative printed circuit board designs and put collaboration at the front and center of the design process. With the latest technology in PCB design and the seamless integration with mechanical workflows your design process has never been so efficient. PCBWorks powered by Altium.

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Improve Security. Easy Data Retrieval.

Eliminate concerns about engineering design and technical data loss. Improve collaboration with easy retrieval and access to timely information. Gain a greater level of security and increase the speed of data retrieval with SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM.

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EXALEAD OnePart Menu


Cost Savings. Optimize Communication.

Intuitive browser-based web navigation promotes collaboration not just among CAD users, but throughout the company. Quickly find and reuse existing parts, product designs and other information inside your organization with EXALEAD OnePart.

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PDM Utilities

PDM Utilities

Enhance Data Control. Increase Efficiency.

Get the most out of your SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM software by selecting these PDM utilities. Manage and control data more effectively to protect valuable assets. Choose one or all to meet your design team needs.

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SOLIDWORKS Composer Menu


Dynamic Graphics. Compelling Visuals.

Turn existing 3D designs into dynamic graphics and interactive animations to effectively communicate complex product details. Even non-technical users can create dynamic graphics and technical communications. Say it with a picture using SOLIDWORKS Composer.

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SOLIDWORKS Inspection Menu


Save Time. Eliminate Bottlenecks.

Automating the creation of inspection data sheets, reports and balloons on engineering drawings virtually eliminate human errors and ensure parts are within specifications. Use SOLIDWORKS Inspection to streamline your quality inspection processes.

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SOLIDWORKS Model Based Definition

Go Drawingless. Streamline Production.

Define, organize and publish 3D PMI and model data into industry standard file formats. Reduce interpretation errors and cut cycle time with SOLIDWORKS MBD integrated drawingless manufacturing solution.

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Stratasys FDM Shock

Stratasys FDM Printers

Think It. Build It. Test It.

FDM technology uses production-grade thermoplastics for parts that are unrivaled in mechanical, thermal and chemical properties. So you can think it, build it, test it -- and perfect it -- often within a day.

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Stratasys PolyJet Drill

Stratasys PolyJet Printers

Beautiful Prototypes. Precise Manufacturing Tools.

PolyJet technology builds smooth, accurate models with thin walls and complex geometries. Build multi-material, multi-color parts that range in texture, color, durability and temperature properties.

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MakerBot Jet Engine

MakerBot Printers

Test Proof of Concept. Prototype In-House.

Be faster out of the gate and accelerate the engineering design cycle. Office-friendly, compact and affordable. MakerBot desktop 3D printers make real-time prototyping not only possible, but fast and easy.

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3D Printing Services

3D Printing Services

Advanced Technology. Outstanding Quality.

Our 3D printing services will help you save time, money and get to market faster. Using PolyJet and FDM technology, certified engineers guide you through the process and deliver parts and prototypes that accelerate innovation and product development.

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From Beginning to End. That’s Our Commitment.

We help you understand and effectively use your new technology to complete your design tasks quickly and efficiently. We’re always just an email or phone call away and always ready to assist you with whatever you need to make your business better.

Getting Started

Fast and Friendly.

Getting through the first design process with new technology is critical to long term success. We know how to assist our customers through the first ninety days to get the technology installed, configured and rolled out to your team. Whether its 1 Engineer or 20 Engineers, tap into our talent!


Technical Support

Exceptional Service. Experienced Engineers.

Technical support always seems to be needed at the most critical point in your design or when you are under a tight deadline. We have a solution for this situation. Certified engineers with extensive industry experience are ready to help you solve even your most complicated issues.

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Save Time and Money.

You work in a technology-rich environment but technology changes constantly and you need to keep up. Where will you find the time and resources to uncover the new advancements that would improve the quality and speed of your design? We can help you with our many services.

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Fundamental to Advanced.

Take full advantage of your technology investment and learn to work more efficiently. 3DVision Technologies is a certified 3D training and support provider with seven centers across Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana. Take a look at the extensive range of training programs that are available. Since everyone learns differently, choose the program that’s best for you; instructor-led or self-paced e-learning programs. We’ll even design a custom training program just for you.

Instructor-Led Training

Learn from the Best.

Be more efficient and learn new skills when you take classes taught by award-winning, certified training instructors who provide the individual attention you need. Receive training manuals and files that guide you through the class and serve as great resources when you are back on the job. Choose from classrom or online training.

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Self-Paced Training

No Travel Required.

If learning on your own at your own pace works better for you and your tight schedule then tap into the benefits of the online e-learning experience. Work as fast as you want, on the days and at the times that work best for you. It's convenient and available 24/7.

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Custom Training

Training Just for You.

Can't find the training you want? Need specialized training or extra support, no problem. Let us custom develop training programs to specifically meet your needs. Our experienced training advisors can help you get the training that's best for you.


3DVision Technologies Blog

A resource to learn how to make your technology investment work harder. Check out tips and tricks, new product highlights, and how companies are saving time and money. Share your ideas and stay up to date on what’s happening in the industry.

SOLIDWORKS Tech Tip - Missing Dialog Box

Its 8:56pm, you’re on the road in your hotel room trying to make some last minute updates to your design before your presentation at 8:00am at your biggest client’s site.  You’re adding a feature and a dialog box (or pop-up window) in SolidWorks is missing!  You know it exists, you’ve used it hundreds of times but it’s nowhere to be found on screen. Wipe the tears from your eyes it’s going to be ok.  Pick up the broken pieces of the remote control you threw across the room, you will to have to pay for that. In this Tech Tip I’m going to show you a few ways to remedy the SolidWorks situation so you can finish your work and get to bed at a reasonable hour. What’s causing this issue anyway?  SolidWorks is a great customizable tool that wants so...
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3D Printing Orientations Guide Volume 1

3DVision Technologies has two different 3D Printing technologies available, FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) and PolyJet. Both technologies are similar in that we build or grow our parts from the bottom up layer by layer. Building our parts in layers does need some extra consideration (more than just simply hitting the print button). That layering technology means our printed components (right from the printer) are Non-Isotropic. This means the strengths of the material changes depending on the direction of testing. This is more evident within FDM. When considering part orientation, most people instantly think of money, making it as cheap as they can as far as material usage goes. There is more at stake than money, what are you doing with this printed part? If you are physically testing your parts, the Non-Isotropic nature should come to mind, but what else should you be worried about? Stratasys...
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Introducing SOLIDWORKS 2016

See What's New in SOLIDWORKS 2016 SOLIDWORKS® 2016 is finally here and it's packed with new enhancements that include tools to help you solve complex problems faster and earlier; streamline all parallel design processes; connect electrical and mechanical design; collaborate across multiple disciplines; and fast-track designs to manufacturing. ...
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Let DriveWorks Live run your internal web applications

Internal web apps are great. They require no installation, and are easy to deploy on every computer regardless of operating system; the problem is (or at least you thought it was until you read this blog entry) that web applications require a web programmer to make them. ...unless you have DriveWorks Live. Out of the box DriveWorks has many functions designed to read and write to your own custom databases. With DriveWorks Live you can create web forms to act as the user's graphical interface to these databases. Since DriveWorks Live has the ability to host more than one project at the same time, you can let it host not only your design automation projects, but also your in house web applications. Here are a few quick ideas: Help Desk This could involve two different DriveWorks projects. The first, for the users, would be...
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SOLIDWORKS Enterprise Web2 vs Old and Reliable

It has been a long time coming; SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM Web2 is now available! Now that there is a new kid on the block, what is going to happen with the existing web EPDM web interface?In the short term they will both exist (I've not heard any plans to discontinue the existing web system) thus, for a while at least, you have the choice of which ...
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