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Learn about the latest, most advanced technology-based solutions to make the design engineering process faster and more efficient, with better communications and a higher level of productivity. With SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD products and industry-leading software, Stratasys and MakerBot 3D Printers and so much more, we have the innovative solutions your product design team needs. Increase your output, accuracy, collaboration and ideation. Put technology innovation to work in your design team.


“What I appreciated was being able to have a lot of discussions about what our needs were and what was available to us without someone trying to upsell me into a machine I didn’t need”
Issac Kirbawy – Engineering Manager


3D CAD Design

Boost Creativity. Accelerate Design. Increase Productivity.

From conceptual design to mechanical design, collaboration to automation, our CAD software solutions feature powerful design functionality to speed your design process and make you more productive.


Evaluate Performance. Improve Quality. Boost Product Innovation.

Fully analyze and test your designs early and often to improve quality and reduce physical prototypes. SOLIDWORKS Simulation tools provide the ideal virtual testing environment. Saving time and money.

Electrical Design

Synchronized Data. Collaborative Environment.

Quickly and easily embed electrical systems into products and equipment, automate tedious design tasks and reduce costs by accurately determining optimal lengths for wires, cables and harnesses.

Product Data Management

Secure Data. Fast Retrieval. Share and Collaborate.

Organize your design data and improve the way your teams manage and collaborate on product development with top of the line Product Data Management tools.

Technical Communication

Streamline Inspection. Simplify the Complex.

Make high quality graphics and detailed illustrations to fully interactive 3D designs, improve your technical commination with automated 3D product manufacturing information.

3D Printing

Test. Revise. Perfect.

It’s all possible with 3D printing. From concept models to functional prototypes to direct digital manufacturing, 3D printing can accelerate innovation and make you more competitive.

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SOILDWORKS 3D CAD - 3DVision Technologies


Speed Design. Reduce Costs.

Expand your 3D design capabilities and stand out from the competition. Improve collaboration and get to market faster with its intuitive interface, robust modeling tools and user community. It's all possible with SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD.

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SOLIDWORKS Industrial Designer - 3DVision Technologies

SOLIDWORKS Industrial Designer

Rapid Creation. Manipulation. Modification.

Capture ideas digitally, quickly create 3D concept models, get feedback, and easily manage multiple concepts before committing to a prototype. SOLIDWORKS Industrial Designer accelerates your 2D and 3D industrial designs concepts and reduce costs.


Draftsight - 3DVision Technologies


View. Edit. Share. Repeat.

Create new professional-grade 2D drawings and view, edit or share existing DWG files. Enjoy an online library full of training and resources. Do it all for a fraction of the normal cost with DraftSight.

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DriveWorks - 3DVision Technologies


Save Time. Minimize Repetitive Tasks.

Automate everyday repetitive design tasks and configuring products that can be defined by a set of rules. Create “same but different” products with ease. It’s all possible with DriveWorks design automation software.

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SOLIDWORKS Simulation - 3DVision Technologies


Better Quality. Less Time. Lower Cost.

Lower cost and minimize scrap in this virtual testing environment. Reduce the number of physical prototypes needed and optimize design innovation. Use SOLIDWORS Simulation to improve the quality of your designs.

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SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation - 3DVision Technologies

SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation

Real World Conditions. Superior Performance.

Stay on top of critical fluid flow parameters; pressure, velocity, heat transfer and others that impact your fluid flow project.  SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation is a Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis that gives you the tools to ensure product performance.

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SOLIDWORKS Plastics - 3DVision Technologies


Decrease Cost. Prevent Defects.

Reduce molded part warp, optimize sprues, runners and gates, and decrease overall injection molding costs. Prevent manufacturing related defects and accelerate time-to-market with SOLIDWORKS Plastics.

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SOLIDWORKS Electrical - 3DVision Technologies


Rapid Design Process. Reduce Costs.

Integrate electrical single-line and multi-line schematic design data with SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD models using bi-directional, real time collaboration to minimize design time. Speed the design process with SOLIDWORKS Electrical.

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SOLIDWORKS Schematic - 3DVision Technologies

SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic

2D Schematics. Design Automation.

Collaborative schematic design tools to efficiently define electrical interconnections for complex electrical systems to minimize design time. Speed your design process with SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic.

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SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D - 3DVision Technologies

SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D

Rapid Design Process. Reduce Costs.

Easily Integrate schematic data into a SOLIDWORKS 3D model. Plan specific locations/paths, and place all electrical parts in 3D and run wires, cables and harnesses to connect all electrical equipment to accurately determine part lengths. Ensure consistency and reduce scrap and costs with SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D.


SOLIDWORKS PCB - 3DVision Technologies


PCB Design Technology. Seamless Integration.

Create innovative printed circuit board designs and put collaboration at the front and center of the design process. With the latest technology in PCB design, SOLIDWORKS PCB provides seamless integration with mechanical workflows your design process has never been so efficient.




Link Design Data. ECAD/MCAD Collaboration.

Easily link design data and share critical elements between electrical and mechanical design teams. SOLIDWORKS PCB Connector takes the guesswork out of your collaboration process with an integrated link between Altium and your MCAD environment in SOLIDWORKS.


SOLIDWORKS PDM - 3DVision Technologies


Improve Security. Easy Data Retrieval.

Eliminate concerns about engineering design and technical data loss. Improve collaboration with easy retrieval and access to timely information. Gain a greater level of security and increase the speed of data retrieval with SOLIDWORKS Product Data Management.

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EXALEAD OnePart - 3DVision Technologies


Cost Savings. Optimize Communication.

Intuitive browser-based web navigation promotes collaboration not just among CAD users, but throughout the company. Quickly find and reuse existing parts, product designs and other information inside your organization with EXALEAD OnePart.

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PDM Utilities - 3DVision Technologies

PDM Utilities

Enhance Data Control. Increase Efficiency.

Get the most out of your SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM software by selecting these PDM utilities. Manage and control data more effectively to protect valuable assets. Choose one or all to meet your design team needs.

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SOLIDWORKS Composer - 3DVision Technologies


Dynamic Graphics. Compelling Visuals.

Turn existing 3D designs into dynamic graphics and interactive animations to effectively communicate complex product details. Even non-technical users can create dynamic graphics and technical communications. Say it with a picture using SOLIDWORKS Composer.

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SOLIDWORKS Inspection - 3DVision Technologies


Save Time. Eliminate Bottlenecks.

Automating the creation of inspection data sheets, reports and balloons on engineering drawings virtually eliminate human errors and ensure parts are within specifications. Use SOLIDWORKS Inspection to streamline your quality inspection processes.

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SOLIDWORKS MBD - 3DVision Technologies

SOLIDWORKS Model Based Definition

Go Drawingless. Streamline Production.

Define, organize and publish 3D PMI and model data into industry standard file formats. Reduce interpretation errors and cut cycle time with SOLIDWORKS MBD integrated drawingless manufacturing solution.

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SOLIDWORKS Visualize - 3DVision Technologies


Photorealistic Imagery. Impactful Content.

Quickly and easily create emotional content and photo-quality assets faster than ever imagined. SOLIDWORKS Visualize turns your CAD data into impactful, high-qaulity visual content and photorealistic imagery at unlimited resolution the fast, easy, and fun way.


Stratasys FDM 3D Printers - 3DVision Technologies

3D Printing Options

Build Your Ideas. Accelerate Innovation.

PolyJet and FDM technology on Stratasys 3D Printers; MakerBot desktop 3D printers; 3D Printing Services; We offer an extensive product line in the world of 3D Printing, providing the best ways to bring your ideas to life.



Stratasys FDM Printers

Think It. Build It. Test It.

FDM technology uses production-grade thermoplastics for parts that are unrivaled in mechanical, thermal and chemical properties. So you can think it, build it, test it -- and perfect it -- often within a day.

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Stratasys PolyJet 3D Printers - 3DVision Technologies

Stratasys PolyJet Printers

Beautiful Prototypes. Precise Manufacturing Tools.

PolyJet technology builds smooth, accurate models with thin walls and complex geometries. Build multi-material, multi-color parts that range in texture, color, durability and temperature properties.

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MakerBot 3D Printers - 3DVision Technologies

MakerBot Printers

Test Proof of Concept. Prototype In-House.

Be faster out of the gate and accelerate the engineering design cycle. Office-friendly, compact and affordable. MakerBot desktop 3D printers make real-time prototyping not only possible, but fast and easy.

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3D Printing Services - 3DVision Technologies

3D Printing Services

Advanced Technology. Outstanding Quality.

Our 3D printing services will help you save time, money and get to market faster. Using PolyJet and FDM technology, certified engineers guide you through the process and deliver parts and prototypes that accelerate innovation and product development.

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From Beginning to End. That’s Our Commitment.

We help you understand and effectively use your new technology to complete your design tasks quickly and efficiently. We’re always just an email or phone call away and always ready to assist you with whatever you need to make your business better.



"I have to say 3DVision Tech Support has got to be one of the best teams I have ever dealt with. They are knowledgeable, very willing to help, pleasant and always reply in a timely fashion. And it's not just Tech Support, everyone at 3DVision Technologies treats us this way and we appreciate it."
Dan Humbert, Network Administrator III

Getting Started

Fast and Friendly.

Getting through the first design process with new technology is critical to long term success. We know how to assist our customers through the first ninety days to get the technology installed, configured and rolled out to your team. Whether its 1 Engineer or 20 Engineers, tap into our talent!


Technical Support

Exceptional Service. Experienced Engineers.

Technical support always seems to be needed at the most critical point in your design or when you are under a tight deadline. We have a solution for this situation. Certified engineers with extensive industry experience are ready to help you solve even your most complicated issues.

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Save Time and Money.

You work in a technology-rich environment but technology changes constantly and you need to keep up. Where will you find the time and resources to uncover the new advancements that would improve the quality and speed of your design? We can help you with our many services.

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Subscription Services

Enhance Your SOLIDWORKS Investment.

There’s no better way to maximize your SOLIDWORKS investment. SOLIDWORKS Subscription Service allows immediate access to new software releases, upgrades and enhancements and our live tech support, helping you stay current and competitive, and to improve return on investment.


3D Printer Service Contracts

Extend the Service of Your Printer.

Receive peace of mind knowing our Certified Engineers and Technicians are available to diagnose problems and get you up and running quickly with the right solution for your Stratasys 3D Printer. 3D Printer Service Contracts give you predictable maintenance costs, spare parts, repair service, and service consumables.



Fundamental to Advanced.

Take full advantage of your technology investment and learn to work more efficiently. 3DVision Technologies is a certified 3D training and support provider with seven centers across Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana. Take a look at the extensive range of training programs that are available. Since everyone learns differently, choose the program that’s best for you; classroom training, live online training, self-paced e-learning programs, or we’ll even design a custom training program just for you.


"They [3DVision Technologies] offer great training here. I think it would be really tough to just dive into it and learn it on your own without at least an Essentials class. They gave me everything I needed to get started."
Jeff Smith - Manufacturing Specialist

Classroom Training

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Be more efficient and learn new skills when you take classes taught by award-winning, certified training instructors who provide the individual attention you need. Our on-site, hands-on classroom training courses are designed to build your expertise and maintain your competitive advantage.

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Live Online Training

Our live online SOLIDWORKS training are the same courses as our classroom training, delivered right to your desktop by our SOLIDWORKS Certified Instructors. From introductory to advanced, these live online training courses limit the amount of time spent in training, while giving you the training you need without leaving the office.

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Self-Paced Training

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If learning on your own at your own pace works better for you and your tight schedule then tap into the benefits of the online e-learning experience. Work as fast as you want, on the days and at the times that work best for you. It's convenient and available 24/7.

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Can't find the training you want? Need specialized training or extra support, no problem. Let us custom develop training programs to specifically meet your needs. Our experienced training advisors can help you get the training that's best for you.


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This is the Money You Could be Saving with SolidWorks Premium!

Money1The money you could be saving with SolidWorks Premium

Why choose SolidWorks Premium over Standard SolidWorks? This should be no different than any other business decision.... it comes down to money. With all the time-saving solutions that SolidWorks Premium provides, it is almost a no-brainer. But, if you are still on the fence, let me elaborate. Here are the key add-ins that are made available with SolidWorks Premium that are not available in Standard SolidWorks: eDrawings Professional, Workgroup PDM, Simulation (Design Validation), Toolbox, Design Checker, TolAnalyst (Tolerance Stackup), SolidWorks Utilities, PhotoView 360, SolidWorks Routing, CircuitWorks, and Scan-to-3D. I've ordered these by their ability to save money for the average design/manufacturing company. Obviously, each company is different and would benefit from utilizing various add-ins. Let's take a look at how each of these can save you money!

eDrawings Professional - You say, "I already have eDrawings in my standard SolidWorks. What can the pro version do that will help me?" One of the best tools eDrawings Pro offers is the ability for the recipient to be able to markup/redline the drawing. I strongly believe that most problems can be attributed to communication. That goes for business and personal life. The more tools that will allow our employees, vendors, and clients to communicate their thoughts - the more costly problems we can avoid. Marking right on the drawing ensures that communications are clear and concise.

Workgroup PDM - This one is about efficiency and security. I go into customers all the time to help them with an issue. I am amazed how long it takes them to "dig up" a file. It just kills me to look over their shoulder and watch them wander around aimlessly in a mess of Windows directories, to finally find that important file stored in their own My Documents folder. This wasted time adds up faster than any other issue I'll discuss in this article. The more engineers you have the more this problem costs you. That doesn't count the engineers frustration making him less effective. Throw in the fact that the companies biggest asset is its proprietary design data. These CAD models are the life blood of your company, shouldn't you know where they are at all times? This one is common sense.

Simulation (Design Validation) - This one may not be for everyone, but it should be used by more than you might think. So, why have I put this so close to the top of the list? Because it can save the most money! If you design, you should be validating those designs virtually. If your design validation process solely relies on physical testing, you are missing out on some major opportunities to reduce time to market. Simulation does not remove the requirement for physical testing, but it will reduce the amount of physical testing significantly. We all know that design changes late in the design process cost more than those found up front. Simulation can open your eyes to flaws or areas of improvement in your design early on. Later in the design process you can validate the design before going to physical testing. You will catch many problems that you can address virtually. This gives you a lot of confidence going in to that physical test knowing it should pass. There are so many angles on how this product can save money. Reduce field failure, reduce physical testing time, catch design changes early. Don't be intimidated by Simulation. There are quick and easy returns to be had!

Toolbox - One unified library of fasteners for everyone. No creating your own fasteners. No searching through hundreds of directories to see if your coworker made a specific fastener. No managing naming conventions for fasteners. Automatic placement of fasteners into assemblies. Enough said.

Design Checker - This one is underutilized in my opinion. Create a standard or pick a standard like ANSI. Have each user check a drawing with Design Checker before submitting it. It can catch dangling dimensions, fonts the wrong size or standard, under defined sketches in the models, mate problems in the model. Every drawing that gets submitted with one of these errors has to make the long trip back through the design/review process. Why not have the user catch a lot of these themselves? This is especially useful if you have users that struggle to double check their work or have large workloads that do not allow them to check the way they would like.

TolAnalyst - A tolerance stackup tool can help to avoid costly mold/die/tooling changes. Tolerance stackups can be difficult to manage. If your engineers are doing tolerance stackups, they are probably doing it by hand or in Excel. Either way, it is time consuming to setup and involves a lot of manual entries that are suspect to human error. Setting up the tolerance stackup right on the model ensures accuracy and allows for quick analysis if changes are made to the model. If you can nail the tolerances the first time out the door, you stand to save money on mold/die/tooling changes. If you aren't aware of what you are spending on mold/die/tooling changes, it would be a worthwhile study to commission. I remember many times in industry seeing multiple thousands of dollars lost to mold/die/tooling changes for things that could have been caught with TolAnalyst and Simulation tools.

SolidWorks Utilities - I'll just focus on two utilities included. The compare tool. Compares two documents and shows you visually in 3D what the differences are. This can be a life saver if two files are very similar. If you deal with imported or shared data, this can give users a valuable tool that can help them avoid cutting tooling from the wrong model. Thickness check tool. This one could have saved my previous employer $4000. I made a mistake modeling and left an investment cast with a .008" wall. This wall thickness could not be seen visually. Unless I had sectioned it twenty different ways and reviewed all the wall thicknesses, there was no good way to catch this mistake. Enter, thickness check. It will alert you to anything thinner than an entered value or thicker than an entered value. So, it can be used to catch mistakes or to lighten a thick part.

PhotoView 360 - This one is harder to quantify, but boy is it fun! Seriously, you have to look at where you are using imagery. Is your art department spending long hours generating or photographing prototypes or production designs? Would a photo-realistic rendering suffice? Could you get the final product with manuals out the door faster if you had the capabilities to produce high quality images? What about using these high quality images during the sales process. Do you think that showing off your 3D capabilities to prospective clients could be a key differentiator in your next proposal?

SolidWorks Routing - If you do a substantial amount of pipe routes or electrical harness routes, then you should move this to the top of your list. This tool is all about automation. The user draws a 3D sketch, dimensions it in place, attaches it to the assembly and Routing will add the elbows and pipes, create a 3D drawing with BOM, and return the cut lengths all on its own. If you do a lot of routing then this is worth the price of admission alone.

CircuitWorks - Manually creating circuit boards? ECAD and MCAD groups duplicating efforts. Can't communicate design changes to each other. CircuitWorks connects ECAD and MCAD data. Automatic generation of circuit board models. I might be sounding like a broken record by now, but this will save you time (obviously, since it is creating the models), reduce mistakes due to communication break downs between ECAD and MCAD teams, allow designs to be created around these circuit board models up front in the design process reducing costly changes late in the ball game.

Scan-to-3D - This is very new technology! SolidWorks Premium is one of the lowest price points for dealing with point cloud and scanned data. If you are using scanning services, I don't need to tell you how you can save money with this one.

Summary: So, did I convince you that it is worth taking a serious look at SolidWorks Premium? I'll save you some time researching. The difference from Standard SolidWorks to SolidWorks Premium is $4000. I am confident that if you look at the above tools and study your current trends, you will see that SolidWorks Premium will pay for itself in a year as well as provide you with the tools to build on that savings year after year.

Perhaps you are still on the fence. I know something that will knock you right off. Call your local 3DVision Account Manager or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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